TwimGo is a clean and simple Twitter client for your Maemo and Symbian^3 (e.g. Nokia N900, N8, E7, C7, etc.). It runs on Qt so maybe we’ll see TwimGo running on other devices in the future.

  • Updating of status
  • Timelines:
    • Home
    • Mentions
    • Favourites
    • Direct
    • Public
    • and more...
  • Reply to tweets
  • Retweet (instant and editable)
  • Mark as favourite
  • Search and saved searches
  • Lists
  • More features coming soon...
Feedback from users:
  • "Best twitter app yet"
  • "UI is sooooo nice"
  • "Just tested TwimGo. Very very nice."
  • "So far absolutely best twitter client for N900."
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Download binaries from here:

Requires Qt 4.7

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